Motorcycle Racing 3D

Motorcycle Racing 3D 1.0

Replaces the default Windows screensaver with one 3D bike race
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Watch a 3D animation of a bike race feature three pilots whenever your PC goes into idle mode. Adjust the screensaver's sound volume or disable the music altogether.

Motorcycle Racing 3D is a shareware screensaver for Windows. This screensaver is not a still motorcycle image, but a 3D video featuring a race with 3 pilots riding on fantastic motorcycles in very realistic colorful sceneries. Each of the three pilots is wearing suitable clothes and a helmet, that match the color of his own motorcycle, that is, yellow, red, or blue. The racing circuit itself is a very modern one.

Depending on our computer limitations, we can customize a few options to prevent the video from consuming too much of our system resources, otherwise the screen saver may freeze up and block our PC completely. Some of these adjustable options are: enable/disable sound, set sound volume, video quality, camera change delay, video mode settings, etc.

Once we have selected the right configuration for us, we can lay back and enjoy the race. We will be able to view the race and circuit from many different angles (near the racing scene, far, lateral view, front view, back view from the motorcycle, etc.). We can try this program for free before buying it.

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  • If you are fond of motorcycle racing, you will find this screen saver very entertaining
  • Free demo


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